Aftermarket Electronics

Aftermarket parts and accessories are a huge business, and manufacturers have answered the consumer demand in a big way. Manufacturers produce a wide variety of aftermarket parts and accessories, ranging from exterior to performance. However, many of these accessories are specially designed for the tuner, ricer or drifter. So what does the average person do when they want to customize their vehicle, but aren’t looking to be the next big name in drag racing? These automotive enthusiasts turn to the electronics of the aftermarket world.

With everything from alarms, Magic Touch door handles and computers to GPS navigation systems and mobile video, there is something for everyone. These particular accessories are designed with the driver in mind. With items like the Bluetooth Car Kit or the Commando FM-870 combination automotive owners can feel safer and more secure both in their vehicle and away from it. For example, the Commando FM-870 includes a multitude of safety features like, an alarm, remote start, keyless entry and a LCD pager that alerts the owner if their vehicle is violated, the consumer is completely protected.

Other consumers may choose to go with a newer trend in automotive electronics, such as a computer, and we aren’t talking the computer chip that tells you car what to do. The newest “carputers” are full fledged computers. With a full operating system and features like GPS, backup cameras, DVD and a built in amplifier, the consumer looking for everything in one purchase has it a his fingertips.

With so many options in everyone can have what they want or need, at reasonable prices. Of course, most consumers aren’t looking for “reasonable” prices; they are looking for the absolute lowest price. For someone looking to find all of their car or truck electronics, at the best prices, they should visit Capt. Wholesale. They have over one hundred electronics for the consumer to choose from, and with the customer can get the best product for their dollar.

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Malfunctions in Automotive Electronics

Modern automobile systems are largely dependent upon the powerful electrical systems that serve as the basis for most major functions. As electricity powers each of the computerized systems in the vehicle, gear shifting, engine functions, and power steering and brakes all require decently maintained circuits and wires. In addition to these major functions, more luxury-minded features like radio, seat adjusters, and heating are also dependent on electricity.

There are numerous possible problems that can occur with a car’s electrical system, which may be the result of a poorly manufactured parts or because of a person’s unwillingness to maintain their vehicle. Perhaps the most obvious danger is if a vehicle shuts down during operation. If power is cut from the primary functions of the vehicle, a driver may lose the ease of control that is associated with using a modern automobile. Steering may become more resistant, as well as braking becoming less smooth.

In addition to a loss of power, fires can occur due to electrical sparks caused by faulty wiring or improper power output. These occurrences can become extremely dangerous to those caught inside a vehicle. If the flames reach the gas tank or other flammable liquids in the vehicle, the flames can either grow immensely or explode. Considering that there are few systems in a motor vehicle that can handle a full-blown fire, a motorist has no other option than to pull over and abandon his or her vehicle as quickly as possible.

These problems can be attributed to a range of system breakdowns. In particular, improperly wired systems or wires without the appropriate coverings can produce sparks. Also, shorted systems, occurring from malfunctioning parts, can prove extremely hazardous.

For more information regarding electrical safety in your vehicle and how the law can protect those injured by automotive defects, contact a car accident attorney.

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